When was the last time you did something just for you? Something you did for no other reason than because you wanted to.   

What if you could attend an event that was created specially to celebrate you for being a woman in Midlife? 

What if you could attend a relaxing, yet uplifting and rejuvenating event that's main focus is to celebrate and empower you ?

What if you could do all of this from the comfort of your home?

Here's a secret... now you absolutely can


Celebrating a historically uncelebrated chapter
 in a woman's life - Midlife

A luxury event created to celebrate and uplift you. A virtual event that has been created for you, the Midlife woman. 

An event that will delight your senses and stimulate your intellect and leave you feeling refreshed and empowered to take action on your goals and desires.

It will be virtual but you get to dress up in whichever way makes you feel powerful. All you have to do is show up ready to be stimulated in more ways than one.

The event will take place on Saturday November 7th 
11am - 2pm EST
8 am - 11am PST 
4pm - 7pm GMT
5pm - 8pm WAT
This is an exclusive online 3 hour event created specially for you, the Midlife woman. 

The experience will consist of a delightful mix of intellect, inspiration and fun that will feature interactive and personalized activities.

Does any of this sound like you?

• In your 20’s you had the energy of a Superwoman, attending events, working your way up the corporate event or running your own business while looking fabulous and feeling uber amazing.

• In your 30’s your career is going well, you get married and life is good. A child or children come along and it gets busy but you seem to be coping well.

• As your 30’s end and you get into your 40’s you find yourself in midlife, married or recently single. You have a demanding promising career, or enjoying a successful business and in general you are quite pleased on what you’ve achieved and enjoying the finer things in life.

• Your personal relationships with family and friends are going well even though you feel that it’s a bit one- sided as you tend to be on the giving side more often. Giving of time, resources and your first born (okay not literally but it feels like it) leaves you in a state of exhaustion with a few signs of resentment setting in.

• You are there for others but are beginning to realize that you need to start taking better care of yourself. You are getting older and you know this lifestyle is not sustainable with menopause symptoms making it even more challenging. You’re not sure how to make the changes because your plate is full and it doesn’t look like there are signs that it’s going to change for the better anytime soon.

• You've done well for yourself and can afford the finer things in life, you invest in material things but lately the joy has been short-lived. You want more.

You begin to wonder if the rumours are true...That life ends in Midlife.

If this sound like your life right now, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this.     

You’ve put everyone else before you and now you’re in Midlife, you are terrified that life is passing you by.   

I created Now is the Time event for precisely that reason. For women like you looking for more, because as much as you want more, you’re not sure how or where to begin. With everything you have going on you can’t even see how it would even work, but that nagging thought keeps coming back letting you know that you need to do something soon.The Time is Now event is for you. 

Meet The Fabulous Midlife Speakers for Now is the Time event 

 Weight & Life Coach, Retreat Creator 
 & Speaker

Lisa Washington will be leading us through a guided meditation to prepare us for the event.

Dr. Sonia Wright will be speaking on the topic of between the sheets (aka S*X) in Midlife.

Brig Johnson will be sharing with you how to love your F*CK- UPS in Midlife.

Kwavi will be speaking on why more than ever The Time is Now and the first step women in Midlife need to take.

There will be games, interactive activities, q & a segements for each speaker, breaks and a maskitude contest.

"I shared the details and plans for the midlife event with Celebrity Midlifer, Kim Coles and this is what she had to say."

Kim Coles, Actress, Comedian

Maskitude Contest

You will be judged in the following categories:-

– stylish and sophisticated
Innovative – Non-traditional, authentic, creative
Baddest Mask in the Room - Blinged out, over the top, one-of-a-kind

Details on how to submit a picture of your mask will be emailed to you after you register.

 During the event you will:- 

 Participate in stimulating and interactive sessions that are fun, enlightening and provide you with   the encouragement and motivation to tackle your goals. 

 Be in an encouraging and uplifting environment with like-minded women so that you feel safe and   supported.

 Reconnect with your true self so that you can be the best version of yourself for you and those you   care about.

 Be celebrated for being the unique woman you are and begin to live your best Midlife.

Will you be one of the fabulous Midlifers at this limited seating event?

 What is the event called? Now is The Time Virtual Event
 Cost? $97

 When is it? Saturday November 7th, 2020

 What time? 11am - 2pm EST, 8 am - 11am PST, 4pm - 7pm GMT, 5pm - 8pm WAT

 Where will it be held? Online (Zoom)

 Dress code? Whatever makes you feel powerful and fabulous

This event is all about you.
 Will you be one of the fabulous Midlife women in attendance? 

 Click the button below to register.

Who is Kwavi?

Kwavi is a 52 years bold Certified Midlife Lifestyle coach and International Speaker who specializes in helping bright, successful women in midlife manage their health, mindset and waistlines so that they can find balance and shine and thrive in Midlife. She uses her coaching programs, international retereats and master classes to help women in Midlife master their health and wellness.      

She provides women with powerful tools and empowering knowledge to help them take control of their bodies and embrace midlife as a fascinating and exciting journey.   

She received her B.Sc in Information Technology from Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom and obtained a Masters in Medical Informatics degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. She trained with Wellcoaches and is a Certiifed Weight and Life Coach.  

Kwavi is a wife and mother to 2 teenage boys. She is a blogger with the Huffington Post and Thrive and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Best Self Magazine and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
What these fabulous women are saying about Kwavi's events

"I am so grateful for attending the Simply Vibrant Event in Atlanta. An energizing, inspiring, and supportive group of talented women gathering to celebrate women's powerful and caring souls. Wonderfully executed. I believe that your determination is genuinely contagious and your knowledge is incredibly motivating. Thank you for the lovely evening!" 

Atlanta, Georgia

The Thailand event gave me an opportunity to get away from the daily grind so that I could be refreshed and focus on my personal goals. Attending the retreat allowed me to reflect and plan for the next steps, while coming away with a new sense of purpose and renewal. I absolutely loved the vision board workshop session during the retreat. It was a powerful way to visually inspire me to achieve my goals."

Ugochi O.
Maryland, USA
The first, most important statement I'd like to make is "It's been such a blessing having Kwavi as a friend". I say that because she is one of the kindest, giving, most generous and open-minded people I've ever known.        

So, when we reconnected a few years ago, and I realized she was a life coach, speaker and held life building events, I was really thrilled.        

I've attended quite a few of her events in the past 3 years, and they have changed my life! The Sparkle and Splendor event last fall was awesome in many ways. The setting was fabulous, the ladies who attended were of diverse backgrounds and from different walks of life, and what we discussed and shared was so powerful!        

I left with so much inspiration and internal power to achieve and execute a part of my life calling which is now unfolding before my very eyes.        

I also met many women, made new, strong friendships, and key connections. Three of these women I met at the event last year have been a big part of my new calling and brand new life venture.         
So, Kwavi's events have simply changed my life. If you're looking for a strong, empathetic and inspiring voice in your life, make the time to get to know Kwavi, all she stands for, and attend all her events.       
Your life will turn around for the better. Mine has!        

Iyabo Webzell M.D.
Pediatrician, Author 
As a Midlifer, you have more than likely lived more than half of your lifetime already and ready to make the next years count.  

We all want to be seen, heard and valued regardless of our age.  It's time to be visible regardless of what society or others think. 

The clock is ticking …. not your biological clock 🤣 but your time clock. It's time to take action and live your best Midlife on your own terms unapologetically.  Make the next years count - Now is The Time

Midlife Thriving Presentation
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